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We are committed to providing our customers with quick and high-quality support. Depending on your issue or question, please choose the most suitable option below to get in contact with our support team.

Feel free to address all your questions about our products, development of custom apps for Atlassian products or any other problems, to our email

If you are experiencing issues with one of our apps, you can always submit a support request by clicking the button below. Before doing this, we will greatly appreciate if you can look through documentation for the app.

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Apps we support

Table Filter and ChartsSubmit Ticket
Platform: Confluence Server and Cloud
Dynamically filter one or multiple tables with the variety of filters, create pivot tables from source data or generate reporting charts with the dynamic update upon change or data filtration.
Awesome GraphsSubmit Ticket
Platform: Bitbucket Server and Cloud
Awesome Graphs visualizes the statistics of contributions made into Git repositories. Get multiple illustrative graphs, charts, activity stream, commit graph. See your project dynamics in terms of commits, pull requests, additions and lines of code.
Smart AttachmentsSubmit Ticket
Platform: Jira Server
Try a new way of managing attachments with ease and convenience: store attachments in categories or upload new files to the right category, perform bulk operations on attached files or rename them right in your Jira with no limitations.
TeamCity IntegrationSubmit Ticket
Platform: Jira Server and Cloud
Integrate Jira and TeamCity for instant view of build-specific information and quick access to build configurations. Remotely trigger your builds in TeamCity. Track numbers of builds fixing reported issues.
Talk - Inline CommentsSubmit Ticket
Platform: Confluence Server
Talk Inline Comments is a handy tool to embed discussions, comments, remarks and notes in any place of your page. You can always reply to existing talks, mention users or use wiki markup. Viewing restrictions and notifications are also available.
Customer CaseSubmit Ticket
Platform: Jira Cloud
Customer Case allows you to use Jira Cloud as a feedback and helpdesk system and collect feature requests, provide support, build user community and interact with your customers.
Evernote IntegrationSubmit Ticket
Platform: Confluence Server
Evernote integration allows you to insert your notes to Confluence pages directly. This is not just inserting links for your notes. This is real copying of your notes content!
Handy MacrosSubmit Ticket
Platform: Confluence Server
Make your Confluence more comfortable with handy interactive elements. Use interactive statuses for your everyday tasks. See the page diff since your last visit. Track your tasks with timestamps. Make your links noticeable with clickable buttons.
InPlace EditorSubmit Ticket
Platform: Confluence Server
Easily edit only a selected page section. No tedious scrolling across large pages, less conflicts and merging thanks to sectional editing introduced in InPlace Editor!
QuizzesSubmit Ticket
Platform: Confluence Server
Create quizzes and tests. Assign them to anyone by email. Assess knowledge, competences and qualifications of job candidates, new hires and employees. Set up self checks for your staff to figure out what areas to work on to advance professionally.
Plain Tasks - Simple Todo ListsSubmit Ticket
Platform: Jira Server and Cloud
Plain Tasks displays all issues of one Jira project as a to-do list. You can create, edit, assign, comment, resolve, reopen, order and filter issues quickly and easily.
Virtual AgentsSubmit Ticket
Platform: Bamboo Server
Virtual Agents for Bamboo is a smart tool for managing virtual machines with build agents, including tasks to automatically start and stop virtual machines for performing build or deployment tasks.
File ViewerSubmit Ticket
Platform: Bitbucket Server and Cloud
With File Viewer app you can easily view your 3D models, geographic data structures, PDF and CSV files directly on Bitbucket pages.
Project Performance DashboardSubmit Ticket
Platform: Jira Cloud
Project Performance Dashboard is an easy-to-use and insight-rich tool which can indicate the current performance of your team. Track and monitor team progress per each sprint and identify the potential performance issues prior to their becoming critical.